HBO has canceled multiple shows

HBO has canceled multiple shows

By eduardogaitancortez

2023 will mean the outcome of many of our own favorite series on HBO such as ‘The Crown’, ‘Atlanta’ or ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. However, it is quite sad that it makes us have to say goodbye to characters who have kept us company over the years. At least they will have the chance to say goodbye to us.

Others like ‘1899’ or ‘Top Secrets’ were not so lucky, leaving their stories and mysteries half done because their creators hoped they could move forward by telling them. The truth is that the audience and consequence numbers seemed to follow.

However the part of Netflix series has started the year quite precisely (and it is a trend that the rest of the platforms will surely adopt to the same extent). It was even difficult for them to renew one of the hits of the year, ‘Wednesday’, for a second season.


Other platforms


Gone are the years when Netflix respected the arcs of its series, and even saved unfinished ones from other platforms to attract and keep its audience. A plan that now seems to repeat, exemplifying, Apple TV +, renewing very expensive series such as ‘Foundation’ or ‘The Mosquito Coast’ without having little consequence.

To all of the above must be added the hoax that is involved in HBO Max with the merger of Discovery and Warner, with many of the most relevant series on the platform disappearing in search of a new home that brings more money.

The year looks normal, and we hope that the bleeding of cancellations is not as exaggerated as the most apocalyptic prophecies suggest. However, we do not tear our clothes either.

Nothing is eternal, and there are times when a timely withdrawal is the greatest of victories. The final seasons of many of these series will put the finishing touch to many of the best suspense series, solving its riddles, or the best horror series, revealing if there is a happy ending after the nightmare.

In addition, there is always the hope that, in a few years, a completely new season will continue the story many decades after what happened with ‘Twin Peaks’ or, this same year, with ‘Kingdom: Exodus’, one of the best series. of 2022 by the hand of the constantly groundbreaking Lars Von Trier.

In 2023 we will have the return of another mythical series, although perhaps the public purpose is not the same… ‘Los Serrano’ will make a triumphant return that will fill us with nostalgia, every time they resolve the outcome of the original series: The dream of resins.




The series originated by Alec Berg and Bill Hader, who also acts as the protagonist, is going to have a fourth season to close its story. April 17 will be the date chosen for the return, for the last time, of the aspiring actor who in his spare time is a cruel hired killer.


Doom patrol


Brendan Fraser is now on everyone’s lips for his triumphant return to the movies in ‘The Whale’, however the series that really gave him a totally new possibility has been the crazy ‘Doom Patrol’, a kind of Battalion Suicide with less budget and much more originality. It is worth taking a look and marveling at his characters, before the fourth season puts an end to it.


The flash


A few months before the ‘Flashpoint’ of the film ‘The Flash’ puts the entire DC Extended World on top, the ninth season of the series based on the speedster superhero will put an end to Barry Allen’s adventures on the small screen for 10 years later of his pilot.

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