Shopify Pricing Plans for 2023

Shopify Pricing Plans for 2023

By dayannastefanny

Before signing up for any Shopify plan, you should know that you have a three-day free trial that you can cancel at any time. To try this online store builder, you just need to sign up by entering your email address and enter other important information about the store you want to open.

What are Shopify’s prices?

  1. 5 Euro

The Shopify Starter plan costs 5€ per month + 5% per purchase. This new program is for people who want to sell through social networks, email, SMS, or WhatsApp especially. This does not include the possibility to have your online store. With this program, you can share product links and allow any customer to easily shop anywhere, anytime.

The Shopify Starter plan includes everything you need to start selling your products, with the ability to create unlimited product pages, a payment gateway, and a shopping cart. It is ideal for testing your business idea and being able to promote it later with an online store that you can create with a basic plan that allows you to have your online store.

2. 36 euros

Shopify Basic costs 36€ per month + 2.1% and 0.30€ per purchase. It is the most popular on the market for those who want to open an online store. The basic version of Shopify is an affordable solution for those who want to start an online store. In this version, you can add an unlimited amount of products to your store.

Also, with this plan, you have unlimited bandwidth for web hosting and data transfer. This program also has advanced features such as abandoned cart recovery emails, gift cards, and a multilingual store. Support is available to you by email, chat, and phone 365 days a year.

3. 105 Euro

The Shopify plan costs $105 per month + 1.8% and $0.30 per purchase. It is suitable for startups that are growing fast and need a reliable online store. If you are already paying thousands of euros per month, this is the program you need to sell online. Shopify’s plan is $50 more expensive but has a lower credit card fee. In addition, this program offers other features, such as standard reports that provide detailed insight into your online store statistics. It also has other functionalities if you want to sell to other countries as it includes the ability to use country-specific zones with international pricing based on categories.

4. 384

The Shopify Advanced draft has an amount of 384 euros per month + 1.6% and 0.30 € per transaction. This draft offers all the features of the previous plans as well as advanced circumstances, customs, and business tax arena during the payment checkout (so that customers can check the total amount), or the expectation of securing merchandise-specific prices for each store or region. This draft is suitable for consolidated projects and also for online stores oriented to the ecumenical electronic warehouse store.

5. Starting at $2,000/month

The Shopify Plus draft has a $2,000/month deficiency amount and a surrounding transaction fee of 1.6% + $0.30 that can be modified in order of each site and business. This draft is aimed at relatively large online stores with an annual turnover of more than $1 million.

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